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Town Center West Zoning Update

The El Dorado Hills Investors/Mansour Group has requested time to give a presentation on their proposed zoning changes regarding the lot adjacent to The Rolling Hills Community Services District.  The group planner will be at the next meeting (Tuesday, March 17th at 7pm at Holiday Inn Express) to discuss proposed changes and answer questions/comments from residents.


Last Updated (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 13:11)


Pet Waste Stations Installed!

Berkshire Pet Waste An additional Pet Waste Station has been installed in Berkshire Park near the entrance.  Please utilize this resource to clean up after your dog.  Thanks!

Last Updated (Sunday, 14 December 2014 07:40)


Parking Safety

Please help prevent your parked vehicle from becoming a safety hazard.  Help educate your visitors too!

1. No parking at fire access roads.

2. No parking on the roads within Springfield Meadows.

3. Maintain 100 feet of visibility by parking further away from stop signs and corners.

4. Do not park in crosswalks. Although not always marked, crosswalks exist near every stop sign. A blocked crosswalk forces pedestrians into the street where a driver's view is obstructed.

5. Avoid constricting traffic flow by not parking cars nearby or across from each other, especially on narrow lanes or those roads specifically marked for no parking.

6. Do not park on sidewalks.  Walkers and bicyclists are in danger when they have to move into the street to avoid your parked vehicle blocking the sidewalk.

Thank you for helping to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Last Updated (Sunday, 14 July 2013 16:10)